Share Your World (Cee´s Questions)

(Cee´s Share your world challenge)

This is the first time I have responded to this, for some reason. So here is a rather random view of my world.

If you wanted to de-clutter where you live, what room / space would you start with?  (And why, if you’re feel like admitting to it.)

I would have to start with my hotel room, which is where I live. I have a suitcase and a backpack, and have had all year. Actually, it has taught me a lot about clutter and what I really need. When I settle in someplace, I know I won´t have clutter.

If you want to remember something important, how do you do it (sticky note on the fridge, string around your finger, etc.), and does it work?

I send myself an email message. If it is for far in the future, I write it in my journal on that date.

If you could create a one room retreat just for yourself, what would be the most important sense to emphasize:  sight (bright natural light, dim light, etc.), hearing (silence, music, fountain, etc.), smell (candles, incense, etc), touch (wood, stone, soft fabrics, etc.), or taste (herbal tea, fresh fruit, etc.)?

It would definitely be sight. I have, in storage, a collection of things from 15 years of travel and from a long time before that. No, it won´t be clutter, but reminders of the world out there. I believe that we wear out psyches on out walls, if we truly make a place home. It doesn´t work if you have an interior decorator or another person controlling, or even actively sharing, the environment.

If you could interview one of your great-great-great grandparents, who would it be (if you know their name) and what would you ask?

I´d have to learn German! But it was that generation that was the last of my family to live in Alsace Loraine, before emigrating to the United States, when it was German and changing hands to France again. I would want to know why my ancestor, a Mr. Ayer, left the family in Germany and became an indentured servant in the US. He died in the Revolutionary war as a stand-in for his master. I´ve always been curious about the life of my family before that in the US. I assume it was hard, elsewise I wouldn´t have been born in the US, but in Germany.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

So much, but especially the free operatic Day of the Dead show I happened into in the Diego Rivera Museum in Mexico City. I was just there to see the splendid Rivera mural, which takes up the whole wall of a huge room and features 500 years of Mexican personalities and events. I arrived as they were setting up  chairs in front of the mural,  so I sat down!

I´m looking forward to an evening at the Luche Libre in Mexico City. It should be amazing!

Diego Rivera´s Mural The Alameda
It came alive with an opera performance of the Day of the Dead


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