Lima Peru in One Day

Is impossible. On-line sites tell you to do it in one or two days and then move on to Cuzco. What a mistake that would be. The museums and public squares should take a week alone. Then there are the restaurants, not to mention huge archeological sites being excavated in real time in the heart of the city. I almost made the mistake of skipping Lima altogether. Silly me.

This post is about one day in Lima. A Sunday, just an ordinary Sunday.

It started with breakfast in a little joint next door to our hotel. We stayed in a place called Hotel España, a few blocks from the plaza major, or main plaza, or Plaza des Armas. The hotel deserves its own post, but here are a few pictures, the first is of my room, the second of the hallway outside my room, and the third is two men at the reception desk (they were guests, not Hollywood extras):

DSC03972 (Copy)

DSC03989 (Copy)


After breakfast we made our way to the Museum of Anthropology and Archeology. Of this museum I have no photos, as my camera was being charged, and photos are not allowed, anyway. We made it half way through the exhibits and it was time to go meet our friend, Marcel, for lunch. Lunch in Peru, as in Ecuador, can be a fixed menu ¨almuerzo¨ for a very reasonable price, like $3.00. Salad or soup, main dish of chicken, goat, beef or fish is a variety of preparations, and juice. Sometimes there is dessert, but it is not worth mentioning. We lunched in a lovely cafe on one of the main squares.

DSC04061 (Copy)

DSC04067 (Copy)

From there we walked to a shopping area which seemed to be very popular with people in Lima on Sunday afternoon.

DSC04074 (Copy)

From here we went to a pedestrian only street to the Plaza Mayor, where we bumped into an exhibition of mummies, and a parade of people in regional costumes, complete with bands and a thousands of people, out for a fine afternoon in Lima.


DSC04089 (Copy)DSC04127 (Copy).JPG

DSC04125 (Copy).JPG

DSC04100 (Copy)

DSC04092 (Copy)

DSC04219 (Copy)

DSC04116 (Copy)DSC04102 (Copy)

DSC04101 (Copy)

DSC04220 (Copy)

DSC04229 (Copy)

This was one day in a week of great, exhausting, time in Lima. I loved this city, full of life, and celebration of all it holds, including death and history.



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