Blogging While Traveling

I may have mentioned along the way a while back that I have been traveling in a camper van with a couple of friends. We have traversed and traveled along the tops of the Andes, down through a bit of the Amazon, and back to the beaches and capital, Lima, of Peru.

Well, camping is great fun, BUT, there is usually no or little electricity, night comes when the sun falls, and day starts when it breaks the horizon. Little time or possibility for posting. That was before last week when my already balky little ASUS pad decided to commit suicide. It was an untimely death, but I think it was anticipating my throwing it off the side of a 4000 meter cliff, which was becoming increasingly likely.

The upshot is that I haven´t posted much since I left Cuenca 7 weeks ago. For both of you who may have noticed this, I apologize. I hope to be able to make up for that lapse as I now have a new computer and I am no longer camping. There will be hotel rooms and electricity, and my shiny new red Lenova with an international warranty. I do have tons of photos and more stories to share, and I hope to find the discipline to catch up and also post what is currently happening.

With that in mind, here are a few photos from the )$15 a night) hotel where I am staying here in Lima, the Hotel España. I will write more about Lima later:

DSC03971 (Copy)
French window with shutters on my bedroom
DSC03988 (Copy)
Outside my bedroom
DSC03989 (Copy).JPG
Enter a caption
DSC03972 (Copy)
My bedroom walls
Fellow guests


2 thoughts on “Blogging While Traveling

  1. Wow! What a palace for $15 a night! Yes, I had noticed your absence from my email notifications, but totally understand that, as they say, “shit happens.” Hope you’re enjoying your trip, and will be glad to hear more from you.


    1. Thanks for noticing. Yes, accommodations can be a bargain in South America, but they can be a bit dicey, too. I plan to write more this week. I am sort of recovering from a busy week in Lima and re-adjusting to altitude in Arequipa, a mountain city on my way to Cusco.

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