Amateur Travel Photography

My daughter is an excellent photographer (, as is her partner. The featured image is her shot. Just a shot from a recent day in the park. My photography is a bit more, well, amateur. I have a good camera (Sony RX100) and great subject matter. But I have no technical expertise.

The intent of my photography is narrative. I tell stories about my travels, and the photos are part of the tale. Sometimes I’m very luck with my shots, sometimes the content is worth the prosaic quality of the image.

At one time travelers sketched (thank goodness for cameras, because my sketching skills are horrible). One of the refinements required of the traveling classes was training in sketching. We of humble origins were never intended to do serious travel. Even now we are just supposed to take a 1-2 week vacation (at least for Americans) to a tourist spot and take snapshots.

I want to improve my photography (as well as my Spanish, and my writing and…). I can’t really afford better equipment, so I am going to have to hunker down with what I have and see how I can improve the outcome.

I’ve taken a step backwards on this trip, as I didn’t want to travel with my MacBook Pro, with its photo editing options and much bigger screen. I’m using a very cheap Asus computer that doesn’t offer much, but maybe that will force me to be more attentive with my shooting.

I would love to have my daughter along with me as a designated photographer. It seems utterly unfair that such grand material as I have every day on my travels should be wasted on me. Maybe someday.

Here are a few of my amateur shots from a recent trip to a condor rescue center. What she could have done with these!




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