Weekly Photo Challenge: Half Light ( Dusk)

This is the first time I have replied to a photo challenge, but I came across it moments after taking these shots of the cloud bank breaking over the volcano like a crashing wave. I am in Otavalo, Ecuador, and there are 6 volcanoes surrounding the town, which itself is at 3000 meters.




9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Half Light ( Dusk)

  1. Wandering Soul

    The pics are lovely. The clouds give it a very mystical feel. You seem to have captured the pics in the ‘golden hour’. I love the dusky, cloudy feel it gives.
    Great pics! Thanks for sharing them with us.


  2. Great post for the theme.
    Welcome to WPC club! I have been hooked to it but sometimes I choose not to respond! It’ll definitely sharpen your Photography skills and your thinking process too! Hope to see you around in next WPC! :)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry I missed this. you need to link it with the WPC ‘s particular theme page by inserting the script. check for instructions just above where the entries start


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