Day 42 – 43: Popoyan to Ipiales to Quito

This is an excellent post if your are entering Ecuador via Ipiales.

365daysabroad's Blog

This morning I wake up to head to Ipiales with an Irish couple I actually met in Salento. I wake up, eat breakfast, pack my bag and off we go to be at the bus terminal by 9 am. When I arrive to the bus terminal I need to take out cash to pay for the bus and my last night in Colombia. Except for some reason my debit is not working! 3 different atms and none are working! Either all the atms are out of cash (I find this hard to believe) or my debit card has been flagged by my bank. I have had 0 problems with my debit card so I am pretty shocked at this point. I tell the Irish couple and fortunately they lend me 50 mil pesos to get me through the rest of my time in Colombia. It’s not a problem because we…

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