Colombian Men in Situ

Stereotypes about Colombia and Colombian men are what we get in the US, and I suspect the rest of the world. We have ideas of drug traffickers, gang members, FARC, corrupt officials, and, in the US, immigrants, documented and otherwise, working as rather invisible labor in fields and gardens, and other tasks. I have been struck by the dignity of their lives in Colombia. Context matters, history matters, family, culture and traditions matter. Cut off from that, without all possibility of understanding, we are reduced to caricature.

I started to realize that I had been photographing a lot of different men. The first reason is that the public space in Colombia is dominated by men. I also find the men interesting in their presence, their sense of dignity and pride. I cannot recall, in my two months here, seeing an angry man, or a weeping man. I will be focusing more on women and sharing the photos I already have of women in the future. For now, here are some of the men of Colombia.


Harley Davidson Club, Villa de Layva Photo Credit: Joanne Bretzer

Saturday Gossip, Villa de Leyva Photo Credit: Joanne Bretzer
Holy men in Popayan Photo Credit: Joanne Bretzer
Grandson and Grandfather in the park in Medellin Photo Credit: Joanne Bretzer
Urban men in Bogota Photo Credit: Joanne Bretzer
Host at hostel and farm in Salento, Colombian returnee from the US, and from a US corporate career. Photo Credit: Joanne Bretzer
At the bar, in Salento Photo Credit: Joanne Bretzer
Stylish working man in Salento Photo Credit: Joanne Bretzer
More style in Salento. The bag, espadrilles, poncho over the shoulder, knife and whip on the hip are all de rigueur for the working men in the coffee region of Colombia                            Photo Credit: Joanne Bretzer
Just checking to see who is looking!


4 thoughts on “Colombian Men in Situ

  1. These are lovely photos, so well composed and they echo of what you speak, dignity. They also speak of a spirit of communication and community. I wonder if such a spirit exists around me. You have inspired me to find out. Have a great day.

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