Pick Yourself Up, Brush Yourself Off

Start all over again. Well, it feels that way.

After a busy week of not getting to the pool enough, perhaps drinking more red wine than I ought, and generally keeping my feet up and my eyes on the internet, I woke up Monday with severe pain in my left heel. The ankle and even the leg weren’t feeling so great. I used my hiking stick just to get around the house. Standing up was painful, sitting down wasn’t much better. Time for panadol with codeine and ice packs. Added to that grief was pain in my cheek from recent dental surgery. I was a painful mess.

Now one thing I know about getting older, or at least I am learning about it, is that there are times when we entertain pain, or are occupied by pain. Certainly distracted by it. I plan to get a lot older, and I figure I have to make my peace with this aspect of life. Some suffer pain all of their lives, many suffer more pain than I can imagine. I’m grateful that I can manage my pain. Pain management and fitness go hand in hand, and usually if I am in pain it is because I have slacked off on exercise.

My plan for 2016 is to do a lot of walking and hiking, hence the hiking sticks. So I need strategies and patience. I bought myself some good orthotic insoles, and iced and exercised my feet and ankles. Counterintuitively, laying down with feet elevated is not the solution for planter’s faschitis, which by process of elimination and internet research I am fairly sure I have. Exercise is difficult because walking is painful.

I hobbled with my walking stick to the pool on Monday and got in the pool for a good workout. I also have some seriously bad knees from sports injuries, so the pool is my haven for working out. I continued to ice the foot and used the walking stick for the rest of Monday. Tuesday morning I woke up with the foot and mouth still in pain, but a bit better. I went on with my routine, including shopping, with the new insoles and without the walking stick.

So, it is Wednesday today, and things are so much better. There is still a bit of pain in the foot, but no need for the stick at all, nor panadol. The real victory, though, was that I went to the pool and swam a mile. I was moaning on Monday that I would not be able to swim my New Year Mile this year. I swim a mile for my birthday in July, and at the New Year. I really feared that I would miss that milestone, so to speak, this time.

The pain in my foot is practically gone now, as is the pain in my mouth. I’ve not been drinking red wine (but that will most likely change, as I am not a penitent) and I”m paying better attention to my diet. My joints benefit from less weight, so even though it isn’t otherwise a problem, losing 10K is just a good idea from a longevity and pain perspective.

Happy New Year to everyone, and keep on moving!KeepOnTruckin.png




18 thoughts on “Pick Yourself Up, Brush Yourself Off

  1. Planters faciitis is serious business. I’ve been battling it awhile now and I actually ruptured it. I’ve been in a walking boot for almost a month. It’ll be awhile before I can walk barefoot or go for a run. Try to remember after resting to stretch out the foot before standing on it. Good call with the orthotics and I hope your recover well and soon!


    1. Thanks. Yes, it certainly has my attention. Running has been out of the question for me for a long time (shot knees). I’m going to be careful being barefoot, though it is my favorite way to be. I hope your foot gets better soon, too.

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  2. This post resonated with me – I have just taken a year’s sabbatical from my part-time job so I can see a bit more of the world before my body gives out completely. Thanks for your inspiration and can-do attitude :)

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