The Year that Was, in Photos

Here is my 2015 in Photos. I traveled to: Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Australia, USA, Mexico and back to the US and Australia. Whew! I’ll post later about the adventures, but here are some of the pics.

Chittagong, BangladeshDSC00278

Photo Joanne Bretzer



Sihanoukville, Cambodia


Siem Reap, CambodiaDSC09159

DSC09117Siem Reap, Cambodia


DSC09484 (1)
Photo Joanne Bretzer

Luang Prabang

Photo Joanne Bretzer


Bangkok, Thailand

Photo Joanne Bretzer


Melbourne, AustraliaDSC00596


Seattle, Washington, USADSC00649DSC00642DSC00624DSC00677Mazatlan, MexicoDSC00846

Durango, MexicoDSC00785DSC00781


Photo Joanne Bretzer
El Fuerte

Copper Canyon/ El Fuerte


Photo Joanne Bretzer Creel Railroad Station

Hollywood, CaliforniaDSC01228DSC01223

13 thoughts on “The Year that Was, in Photos

  1. I love your blog and your lifestyle! I’ve lived in 6 countries and travelled through 40, and I thought that I was ready to settle for a while now. But when I see your inspiring pictures from Asia, I just realise that I have to keep travelling for yet another while.

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      1. Please, let me know when you get to Colombia. It would be amazing to meet up with a traveller like you! And if you need contacts in Peru or Chile, let me put you in contact with some amazing people.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s fantastic! I’m looking at late spring, early summer for Colombia. I plan to spend a bit of time in some places along the way. It would likewise be fantastic to meet up with a fellow traveler so experienced in Latin America.

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