Stop blaming India and China for the West’s 300 years of destroying the environment

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While we’re at it, let’s start taking responsibility for the massive decline of elephants and other wildlife. “Only 90 years ago, the agents of King Leopold II of Belgium massacred 10 million Africans in the Congo.”  (

Now that the west has used the natural resources and befouled the planet, we can raise our post-industrial hands and say they are clean. It’s the fault of developing nations. Those other people, whom we’ve always blamed for anything we want to deny responsibility for.

The rivers of Bangladesh run like dead cesspools because of western industries. We’ve exported the worst of contaminating industries not because we are so conscious about the environment, but because we don’t want to have to pay for manufacturing labor, or the costs of environmental clean-up.

“So, there are more than 300 years of massive fossil fuel burning by the so-called West to account for. And while this historical responsibility still played a significant role at Kyoto in 1997—resulting in emissions cuts that were only legally binding for industrialised countries—it has gradually been pushed into the background.

Now in Paris it seems almost forgotten. But the fact that about 80% of historical carbon emissions have to be attributed to the developed countries cannot simply be wished away.”

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Source: Stop blaming India and China for the West’s 300 years of destroying the environment

5 thoughts on “Stop blaming India and China for the West’s 300 years of destroying the environment

    1. Hi, I’m not real conversant on Kyoto, but the Brazilian proposal for historical-based responsibility (to the degree it was applied) seems to be faulty now because the west has out-sourced a lot of its polluting industries. The article in my post says, among other things, that a consumsumption
      -based approach may be more appropriate: “In fact, if a consumption-based approach to carbon accounting is taken, the UK’s national carbon emissions would be twice as high as officially reported. This is also true for most Western European countries and the US, which have experienced increasing rates of deindustrialisation over the past two decades with not only jobs but also carbon emissions being offshored to developing countries. In return, the West is receiving cheap consumer goods without recognising the responsibility for the embedded carbon emissions that come with them. A clear form of carbon colonialism.”

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  1. Unfortunately, the consumerist based society and companies hunger for profits above anything else in west,! is biggest culprit for the current state… Developing countries seem to on same path too..

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