Reflections on an Ancient Land

When I talk with people about Islam, ISIL, terrorism and Arabs, I usually feel frustrated and inadequate to the task of expressing my thoughts and opinions. I lived on the Arabian peninsula for 3 years, and in Bangladesh for 2 years. I grew to love the cultures and the peoples. I know in my heart that most Muslims, as most other people in the world, have no interest in harming others and only want to get on with their lives unmolested. As with all things, when it comes to what most people know about Islam and the Middle East it is that which has the loudest effect. Unfortunately, most of us have little experience upon which to judge the reality of the situation.

The following are pictures from Oman. Click on any image to get a slide show of the shots. I just wanted to share some love and harmony from Arabia.

15 thoughts on “Reflections on an Ancient Land

  1. great post and lovely pictures :)
    though i am not a muslim infact i do not belong to any religion.

    but i have many muslim friends and they are equally kind as others.

    there are few non-social elements who destroy the image of whole community. :)

    thanks for sharing :)

    love and light <3

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  2. I’m so glad to see posts like this one that want to show how the great majority of muslims are no different from the non-muslims. There are rotten apples in all religions and cultures. Lovely pictures by the way.


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  5. While it’s true that in general Muslims are peace loving, the past events -in last few years have turned the opinion of people especially where there are terrorist incidences. it’s wrong to hold everyone responsible for acts committed by few. A greater question remains…
    How do we get out of this situation? May be it’s the people who are victims of islamophobia who must come forward to help get out of this?

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