A School in Roseburg, a Hospital in Kunduz

A culture of violence. It is that as much as the guns that are its expression. And, I would add, it is the corporate war machine that arms the wars abroad and at home.

Melting-Pot Dharma

What’s the difference between a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, and a Doctors Without Borders trauma hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan? Sounds like the first line of a joke, but it’s serious. Deadly serious.

You have heard by now that, in Roseburg, a student took six guns to class with him and killed nine others and himself; in Kunduz, a U.S. airstrike directly on the hospital killed 22 people, including 12 staff members.

President Obama and many others have cried out in anguish about the school shootings. Why haven’t we learned from this phenomenon that keeps repeating? Why don’t we pass stricter gun laws? Although I agree with the call for more gun controls,I don’t see guns as the root of the problem.

Old Used Boots Iraq WarThe root of the problem may be related to the reaction in the United States to the hospital massacre. Reaction? What reaction? Have you heard any anguished cries from the…

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