My Far-flung Readers

Just the other day the second greatest number of readers I had were from Guam. It was only 8, compared with 17 from the US, but Guam only has 165,000 people.

I had posted 2 posts that day, neither about travel or Asia or anything particularly interesting  to Guamanians. I am puzzled by this, and I would like to ask; Who of you is from Guam? What’s it like? What did I write that interests you?

A rather thrilling aspect of blogging is looking at the stats and seeing where the people reading your blog are from.
Here are my readers from September:
  • “United States”,186
    “South Korea”,13
    “United Arab Emirates”,13
    “United Kingdom”,13
    “New Zealand”,6
    “Saudi Arabia”,1
Who is reading from UAE? At least I’ve been there, but neither of my friends who lives that is reading my blog (well, maybe one, I’m not sure).  Russia? Italy?
How about you 2 Tunisians? I want to hear from you! Your country is on my list of places I want to visit.
Bangladesh I understand. I lived there for 2 years. I’m happy to see I have some readers there. I suspect they are my lovely students.
For me, that is the most intriguing part of the stats. Sometimes I have a reader from Holland. Other countries show up. I would love to know who all of you are, so if you ever reply, please tell me. I would love to learn more about you and your country.
Write a reply, so I can start following you. Or maybe I am following you, but I don’t know to where.

29 thoughts on “My Far-flung Readers

    1. Hello Ersoy. But of course you are from Turkey! I should have known from your name. Now I’ll have a look at your page. I was in Turkey only once, about 8 or 9 years ago. I’d love to go again. Thanks for reading.


  1. The map and flags of my readers is my favourite too! I think I am one of your Japanese visitors! you can count me as a New Zealand link too. I suspect I know who you UAE visitor might be, one of our wonderful classmates who has be very active and supportive through this course. I will let her weigh in if it is who I think!

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    1. Hi to Japan. I have spent many hours at Narita. Besides that, I haven’t been to Japan. Nor New Zealand. I have 2 friends in UAE, but they don’t blog, that I know of. Thanks for the comment. Now I’ll have a name with the flag.

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      1. I have one visitor from Mexico showing on my stats page. I know you have kindly visited my page before. Not sure where we started this conversation but I think we are on your page now? How you visited mine today, if so I guess Mexico is you!

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  2. Lovely gesture! I am from India and never visited any country, but get readers from all different countries. Like you, I too wonder how my writing affect them: do they enjoy reading my posts or not.


      1. I hope you are liking it okay. I lived in Oman a few years ago, and it is one of my favorite places. When I would drive from Oman and UAE, for me there was a perceptible difference in the people. I love Omanis, Emirates can be an acquired taste.

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