Creative Blogger Award

Creative-Blogger-300x300The RULES are:

  1. Nominate a few bloggers and contact them with the amazing news.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. Post five (5) facts about yourself.

Yesterday was a bit rough, and today was promising to be more-so, but then Sandy Hogan, over at  Scribbles & Musings Of an introvert wrote to say she was nominating me for  The Creative Blogger Award. Now that was something. I went to the page she linked and now I need to follow the directions. Hmmm, I didn’t know this was a challenge award! Now I have to figure out how to fulfill the tasks. One is easy- nominate some other people for the award.

Good! Now I have been so kindly recognized by Sandy, and I have a task to fill my attention for a while. It is a better morning already.

My nominees:

jacquelineobyikocha For amazing stories and a blog I return to often!

In I think I became a bit Korean in my years there, and she keeps me in touch with my K side

Vibrant Creative Inspiration

Marquessa Mathews Excellent point of view

moviejoltz 365 movie reviews! Done extraordinarily well!

Five things about me:

  1. My most important guiding belief is in the equality of humankind. I cannot imagine anything other. Now I am working on incorporating the non-human end of things.
  2. I am quintessentially rootless. I was born that way.
  3. My best quality is that I am a superb teacher, my worst is my impatience. Thankfully the impatience is reserved for people other than my students. So maybe I use up my patience on my students? That is simply intelligent prioritizing.
  4. I swim. Yeah, lots of people do. But I am more alive and graceful in the water than on land. For me, the film Waterworld was aspirational.
  5. I’ve lived and taught in many parts of the world, but I have command of 1 (English) and a fraction (Spanish) languages, with a smattering of expressions from some others thrown in for good effect. Of this I hang my head in shame. But I am studying the Spanish!

Now, I know nothing of this award. Maybe it is just a way of passing on some good chi, or Ju Ju. That is enough to be worthwhile. But if anyone knows how to pass these nominees on to the source of the prize, please let me know!

13 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award

  1. Dear Velisimma :)

    Though we have not interacted enough. I already feel a great affinity towards you. I can totally relate with the facts 1, 2 and 3.

    Congratulations and thanks for nomination :)

    I will work on it tomorrow.

    LOve and light <3

    Anand :)

    Liked by 1 person

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