“Travel Trinket and Memories Challenge”


Oh baby! My favorite and oldest suitcase is by far my favorite travel trinket, and repository for so many memories. This is the key piece of luggage. I have the usual assortment of big boxy suitcases, my latest being ugly purple and pink, to be obvious on the belt. They can hold up to 50 lbs each, and can take a lot of abuse, till they fall apart and need to be replaced. They are generic and utilitarian.

But this old, black carry-on? It carries the essentials I don’t trust to the TSA (yes, as many others, I have been robbed by these staunch protectors of my safety), and I don’t want slung around by handlers furious about their pay and their lack of passports. It holds whatever precious items I don’t want to risk, whether my one of a kind silver collectables or irreplaceable family photos.

One time it was full of 3 computers and as many external hard-drives (another story) and caught the attention of security at airports in Seoul, Narita and Denver. Well, Denver was more interested in seizing my stick deodorant than checking out all of the electronic hardware. But everything got where it meant to go.

Another time I had my computers and cameras in it, and it was unexpectedly checked at Chicago. I grabbed my computers and one of the cameras, but missed the one at the bottom. Unfortunately the TSA inspector didn’t miss it, and (s)he got the camera and I got one of their form thank you notes for “letting them” inspect my bag.

It often gets a close inside inspection when I am traveling with my trinkets from the Middle East, or forget that peanut butter is austensibly “liquid”.

But it gets there with me and holds my essentials. Now it is showing signs of age. it arrived from Seattle this time (again I had to check it) with a glitch in the zipper that took me a while to sort. I’m fairly sure that a curious TSA agent failed to find what (s)he wanted, but the bunged zipper tells me that it is time to consider a replacement.

I have bought a new one of the same brand, but it doesn’t seem as roomy, or as well designed. But I am probably just too attached to the old one. Maybe a few more trips. Which of us will age out first?


10 thoughts on ““Travel Trinket and Memories Challenge”

      1. I look forward to your post and hope you become a regular! Feel free to post on any day. There is no deadline for Thursday. I just add them to the weeks as they come in. Thanks again for participating!

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  1. That is why I’m glad my tried and true carry-on was fixable. This time. I’m hoping that by the time it is finished, I’ve found my little casita with a garden, and I’ll fill it with plants.


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