Leaving on a jet plane

Travel check list (domestic):

1. Check carry-on and get rid of half the clothes. Yeah, I always have to do that. My best packing ever was 2 cargo shorts, 2 tee shirts, a few pair of undies and two bras. For a month.

2. Toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste. Of course, being the last thing to pack after using it, it often gets left behind.

3. A book.

4. Aspirin.

5. A meal. A filling and healthy meal that will help me avoid airplane food.

6. Check all pockets and bags for anything liquid!

7. Easy to get out of shoes. (I was about to wear lace-up boots!. A sure way to enrage your fellow travelers.)

8. A wrap or a jacket for the cold airplane, over a tee shirt, for a hot airplane.

9. Throw a few more things out of the carry on. If something is missed, it can be picked up.

10. Patience. For the highway. For the check in and security. For the cramped seats and lack of leg room. For the flight attendants (who deserve as much as you can muster). For that crying baby. For the parents of the demanding, noisy, ill-mannered child. For the arrival. At the wrong terminal when someone is going to pick you up across the airport. Where your checked bag manages to go missing on a non-stop flight (hence the carry-on only whenever possible).

2 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane

    1. Hi, I try to bear in mind that if I am traveling, no one sees me often enough to realize I’m wearing the same clothes every day. With a couple of sets of clothes, it is wear one, wash one. Climate can confound things, but it still can be done in a carry on. I traveled for a summer in Europe and wore layers of black. I think I could have actually worn everything I took at one time. With a pair of black Doc Martens, of course. Another thing to remember is that one of the pleasures of travel, for me at least, is finding new pieces where you go. If space is a problem, give away something you’ve tired of and replace it. Good luck with your long trip.

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