Answer to the God question and Buddhism:

When asked about religion, I generally respond with something about Buddhist philosophy, and how that actually isn’t a religion, but it is the closest I have to a faith. Here is an article that explains that answer much better:

Matthew T. Kapstein
The Buddhist Refusal of Theism

“These questions, Malunkyaputta, have no connection to what is most meaningful and do not lead to purity of conduct, to unworldliness, to detachment, to tranquility, or to insight . . . Therefore I have not resolved them. What is it that I have resolved, Malunkyaputta? It is this: the nature of suffering, its origin, its cessation, and the path leading to the cessation of suffering. These I have resolved. (Majjhimanikaya 63)
It is in this light that later Buddhist thinkers generally came to regard the supreme question for philosophers of religion – what can we know of the existence and nature of God? – considering it to be no more than an irrelevant distraction from the practical problem posed by the experience of suffering in our world.”

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